K1USN Radio Club


  Schedule A Test K1USN remains closed until further notice

    VE amateur radio testing at K1USN is currently on HOLD until further notice as the K1USN club remains closed due to the Covid-19 situation. See the note on our homepage for more details (go to details).

    Members of the K1USN Radio Club offer examinations for Technician, General, and Amateur Extra radio operator's licenses on the second Saturday of every month at 8:45 AM at the Watson Building at 85 Quincy Ave, Lower Level, Braintree, MA.

     Doors open for registration at 8:30 AMPlease plan to arrive early as all registration activities must be completed by 9 AM.Applicants must furnish the original and one photocopy of their current license (if any), original and one photocopy of any Certificates of Successful Completion of Examination (CSCE) they may hold, positive (photo) identification, social security (TIN) or licensee ID number (FRN), and the test fee of $15.

     NCVEC Form 605, Application for License, will be available at the test site.  Advance registrations are required. Walk-ins are not currently being accepted.  Please send an email to W1OD@arrl.net.
     Registration consists of a completed 2017NCVEC 605 application form (will be available at the test site), copies of your current license and valid CSCEs, and $15 cash.  Please enclose a note containing your telephone number, email address, and the class of license you will be attempting.  Advance registrations must be made no later than the Friday before the day of testing.  Any special examination accommodations must be requested at least two weeks prior to the test date.  Additional information may be obtained from Steve Cohn, W1OD, at 781-963-1092.


Download the Application Form:        2017NCVEC605.pdf 

Download Paperless License Info:     FCC new licencing policy.pdf 

Once you’ve taken your exam, it will take anywhere from five to ten business days for your new call to be in the FCC’s database.  There are several ways to find your new call or your upgraded privileges. All of these permit you to enter your name and hit “search.”
  • You can access the FCC’s database directly.
  •  You can search the ARRL’s website 
  • You can search QRZ.com database for your call, and also post a bio of yourself with that license.  QRZ.com usually has your call posted within two days of it being assigned by the FCC.
  •  NOTE: Please do NOT call the ARRL to obtain your call! 
If you’re interested in obtaining a “Vanity Call Sign” the ARRL has good information available at http://www.arrl.org/vanity-call-signs.  Additionally, http://www.radioqth.net/ also has good information and allows you to see what is available and what calls will be available in the near future.
There is also information available on the ARRL’s website for license renewals and address changes